University of Southern California Human Services Issue Data Analysis


Evaluate potential program models using peer-reviewed journals.

Use three peer-reviewed journals to evaluate the models. Sample models include the culture-based model, cooperative learning research-based model, impact model, et cetera.

Explain how data impacts these models. For example, explain how the impact model addresses hunger among the homeless.

  • Introduction: In a paragraph, introduce your organization, describe their mission, and define whom they service.
  • Background: Analyze the background of a chosen organization including population served, governance structure, how it has evolved over time, et cetera. 

In the background section of the final paper, you will provide a detailed profile of your chosen organization including the population served, governance structure, and internal and external stakeholders.

Include how the organization’s role has changed over time.

This section should be two full pages.

  • Identify relevant researched data sets to discover a community problem.
  • Turn in a table of data that lists the categories and their matching data for your chosen problem in your organization. For example, 28 men, 42 females, six unidentified (Refer to Riverbend City: Interpreting Data).

Report on the history of risk assessment and decision making.

  • For example, victims of domestic violence and sexual abuse.

If you are familiar with statistics, feel free to include information regarding decision making, such as sensitivity, specificity, and positive predictive value.

For example, the probability is that cancer is present when the test is positive.

  • Specificity: Whatever you are testing needs to test negative, which means that there will not be enough services for the population.  
  • For example, the test result is negative because cancer is not present.

Sensitivity: Whatever you are testing needs to test positive, which means that there will be enough services for the population.

  • For example, what is the probability that there would not be enough services for the homeless?
  • For example, sensitivity is when the test will be positive when cancer is present.

Positive Predictive Value means the probability that something, such as a disease, is present when the test is positive. 

UCSD Intersex Sociology Discussion

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How should parents raise their intersex children: as girls, boys or intersex? Would it be better for society to recognize 3 sexes instead of two? Why?

These video should be your own resource to finish this assignment. 

  • Let me know if you have any question. 

Thank you!

University of North Alabama Management Questions


  1. The Project Management Body of Knowledge published by the Project Management Institute identifies five process groups. Briefly identify and describe each of these five process groups and provide examples of activities that would be performed in each of the process groups. (10 points) Note: If you know about the changes in the 7th edition, you can expand on them here as well (5 bonus points)
  2. Describe the relationship between portfolios, programs, projects, and sub-projects. Research a company online and discuss their portfolios, programs, and projects (and possibly also sub-projects). In your opinion, does this organization of projects allow them to manage their projects more effectively? Why or why not. (10 points)

ALU Managerial Economics Discussion


Discussion posts to which we need responses will be provided. Responses must serve to advance the conversation related to the discussion topic. In the response body, comment about your perception of how the recommended change to either the vision or mission statements of the discussion posts brings that statement closer to meeting our course criteria. Explain by incorporating our textbook material. You must have at least one source from textbook (course) and another scholarly/peer reviewed source (outside of course/textbook) in each of your response postings. Sources require in-text citations and must be incorporated into the body of the post in addition to a full APA citation at the end of the post.

Rasmussen University Professional Identity Attributes Presentation



Demonstrate principles of professional identity and professionalism for the nurse within the context of regulatory and practice standards.


You are assigned to discuss your professional identity with your peers on the unit during a meeting and have decided to present the attributes using an infographic. The goal is to encourage all nurses to examine attributes and identify their professional identity to improve professionalism in the healthcare setting. As a nurse leader, you want your infographic to include the attributes that have guided your growth within the profession. As a leader of the unit, you work to grow the nurses on the unit and want to encourage them to identify their professional identity as the leaders to focus on succession planning. Your goal is to develop your infographic and share with other nurses to encourage them to examine the attributes to grow within the profession.


Create an infographic that includes the attributes you believe support your professional identity. Include the following:

  • Identify 10 attributes that form your professional identity based on professional standards.
  • Reflect on why each of the attributes were selected for your professional identity.
  • Determine the attributes that are important for nurse leaders.
  • Identify how diversity and teamwork plays a role in developing your professional identity.
  • Provide stated ideas with professional language and attribution for credible sources with correct APA citation, spelling, and grammar.

FGCU Climate Change Essay


This is the first of two core assessments in this course. It is called a ‘core’ assessment because it deals with a ‘core’ or central concept in the field of sociology. This assessment is an opportunity for you to share your understanding of something that we learned in the first chapter, and have applied in the last two chapters that we have read.

First – please take a little time and review the material from chapter 1 on perspectives/paradigms. The pages identified specify the specific location in the chapter where perspectives/paradigms are discussed. Review Chapter 1 pdf pages 11-16 (also indicated in the textbook as pp 17-22). Feel free to review Chapter 3 and Chapter 5 that we have already read that also provide information on the perspectives as it applies to each of those chapters.

    1. Describe/explain the concept of paradigms/perspectives in sociology.
    2. Answer the following about the symbolic Interaction perspective:
      1. Describe/explain the symbolic interaction perspective.
      2. Write your own question or statement using the symbolic interaction perspective.
      3. Explain why that question or statement would be from the symbolic interaction perspective.
    3. Answer the following about the structural functional perspective:
      1. Describe/explain the structural functional perspective.
      2. Write your own question or statement using the structural functional perspective.
      3. Explain why that question or statement would be from the structural functional perspective.
    4. Answer the following about the conflict perspective:
      1. Describe/explain the conflict perspective.
      2. Write your own question or statement using the conflict perspective.
      3. Explain why that question or statement would be from the conflict perspective.

Social Science Winthrops Argument Discussion

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Winthrop’s argument concerns the role of the individual’s relation with authority, and Franklin’s concerns the role of the individual’s relation with financial gain. In both of these arguments, who is more to blame, the individual’s own shortcomings or the circumstances beyond the individual’s control? Provide support for your answer from the readings. Do you agree with their assessments? Why?

Formatting Rules……

FIU Computer Architecture Ven Neumann Architecture Discussion

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Discussion 4 Instructions

Choose one of the following questions and provide a minimum of 200 words in response to it:

Please choose one of the following options and answer following the guidelines for discussions. The last two are possible interview questions for digital design jobs.

  1. What are the steps involved in an instruction cycle?
  2. Explain the components Of the Ven Neumann Architecture?
  3. What Are The different types Of fields that Are part Of an instruction?
  4. Explain Flip-flops to someone who may not have heard the term, but is computer literate.

St Cloud State University Write an Echo Server Transmission Code Paper


On the client side, the program should accept text input
from the user and transmit that to the server. The server should then display
the text received and echo the message back to the client. The client should
display the received message and indicate that it is the received message.

attached requirement and code

Saudi Electronic University Starbucks Marketing Strategy Discussion


For this discussion, you will explore the relationship between financial analysis and strategic analysis in a review of the case study Case 9: Starbucks Corporation, p.462 (from your textbook)

A case study is a puzzle to be solved, so before reading and answering the specific questions, develop your proposed solution by following these five steps:

Read the case study to identify the key issues and underlying issues. These issues are the principles and concepts of the course modules which apply to the situation described in the case study.

Record the facts from the case study which are relevant to the principles and concepts of the course modules. The case may have extraneous information not relevant to the current module. Your ability to differentiate between relevant and irrelevant information is an important aspect of case analysis, as it will inform the focus of your answers.

  1. Describe in detail the actions that would address or correct the situation.
  2. Consider how you would support your solution with examples from experience or current real-life examples or cases from textbooks.
  3. Complete this initial analysis and then read the discussion questions. Typically, you will already have the answers to the questions, but with a broader consideration. At this point, you can add the details and/or analytical tools required to solve the case.
  4. In an original post, present a well-written answer and diagnosis for the following case study questions:
  5. Examine the reasons why Starbucks’ strategy has been so successful.

Examine the threats to Starbucks’ success in the future. 

How does Starbucks link organizational goals to measures of value?

  1. How does Starbucks link organizational goals to measures of performance?