Hospitality Management. George Jarvis purchased seeder park…

Hospitality Management. George Jarvis purchased seeder park on.. 1, 2018. It is ammo. 31. George has so accounfing Odeon butpay). Ps Mr. Jarvis’s (meted employee who has a background in a.m., you discover te follovka informatont1:t2:4:::=1;el’asaa,r’adVr°170Vp82`0%”—°° b.Cash ReceiptsCash PornestJarvis invesimertfor Mailer park shoesPhol 000,300LandPhp6 MO 000BuildingOffice equipmentMortgage potableInsuranceWanesMaintenanceOffice suppliesOEMsroperty.Jarvis salaryPei. sales revenueMortgage inffirestexpenseMortgage Oncipal payrnertJas & Fehm She wages are for to maintenance worker who loreed buthas notbal eeripaid brave days during to period ending march 31.7m wage is Ph 380 per hourand t workday is eighthos. d. an invoice forprounds maintenance expense of Ph 3,200h !label h e. She March Ore rffitotheen received. his stolen. Ite Pro 8,000. t rental tenant Mrese rent is Pre40130 has not bet aid rorffiamh. g. In in. Pno,m000 received Soot,. me to date is to amount tor alma.. has prepaid foramen. year., rent is Php3,1303 pe month. interestor pad pg has been paid nilve rod… mares march is Php93,320. Principal payments tor Me balance et be year nrml dreg Mardreare Pnpamoo.


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Hospitality Management. George Jarvis purchased seeder park…
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